Beautiful Websites for Real People

Beautiful Websites for Real People

Beautiful Websites for Real People

Beautiful Websites for Real People

Beautiful Websites for Real People

If you run a creative business, work one to one with clients or are your own brand…

I bet you’re amazing, but is that what people see?
Or do you find yourself apologising when you hand out your business card, stuck with an out of date website that doesn’t reflect you?
Do you find it hard to write about your business because it’s all a bit close to home?
Or wish that your photos really expressed your brand?

I can help.

  • Custom designed sites in WordPress – that look, feel and work the way you want them to.
  • Portrait, product and staff at work images – Shot on location to show your real context
  • Web copy, blogging, newsletters, case studies and editorial style writing – to immerse your customers in your brand
  • I can work with you on an entire web project, or just one part of it – helping you to create beautiful, practical websites with images, writing and design that show the personality of your business.
  • By working with my trusted partners I can take care of your entire web presence, with experts in social media, branding and marketing at my fingertips

Does WordPress Confuse You?

There’s no shame in that. You love what you do and you just want to get on with it, not get tangled up in tech.

I’m Geeky…

Once your site is built, I can manage and develop it over time, taking care of it as if it’s my own, leaving you to get on with the business you love.

I can fix it, tweak it, manage it, develop it, or just give you some training and be there on the end of the phone when you need me.

Choose from 3 different levels of service or let me invent one for you.

Want Visuals that Work?

As soon as a customer loads up your site, opinions start to form. Do you want to create a stir in the first few seconds?

I’m Arty….

To make sure your site design really leaps off the page I work alongside my favourite graphic designer to create a concept that works for you.

Bring it all together with a one off photo session or have your images refreshed and developed as your site grows.

The better I get to know you, the better I can show who you are.

Need to Find Your Voice?

Once your customer has landed, do they want to hang around? Are you giving them the information they need?

I’ve Got Word Power…

The sites that work the hardest are dynamic, engaging, and full of useful content. Visitors come often, stay for a while and share the news with their friends. They won’t forget who you are either.

I can have any level of involvement with your blog, newsletters, case studies, articles and web copy – total takeover, re-writing, brainstorming and advice or just a bit of fine editing

Vik was very engaged and committed, always explained her advice clearly, and went to a lot of trouble to understand our branding. We get so many positive comments about our website – it’s been a delight!

Michelle Wake – The Crafty Gardeners

Do you want your website to fade into the background?
Neither do I.

Our world is rich with images and we’re more visually savvy than ever. Your customers want to see who you are and feel a connection with you. The quality of your images can make or break a design.

  • Exclusive photos that match your branding and colour scheme. You won’t see them pop up on anyone else’s site.
  • Portraits, headshots, products and conceptual ‘scene setters’for websites, brochures and all online and print marketing
  • documentary style coverage of your events and performances to use for company reports, PR, funding bids newsletters and social media.
  • The more I work with you, the better I can help your personality and your mission to shine through.

Now that I work with Vik, all my marketing materials just look loads better and more pro. Her photography is lovely and she is great to work with. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Jane Scott – Jane Scott Ceramics

It's all about you...

Well it is if you’re the figurehead of your business…

You know who you are, your business vision is clear, but how can you explain it? Why do you do what you do? Your customers want to hear your story.

Let me write engaging pages for your site to show your customers why you are the perfect choice for them… or work collaboratively with you to help you weave your own words.

My web clients enjoy discounted rates on the creation of their copy.

Get the party started

A potential customer might know you exist, but how do you convert them into a raving fan? How can you position yourself as an expert and an influencer in your field?

Regular blogs and newsletters create relationships over time and encourage your readers to share.

Give them useful information, stories, offers, entertainment… or just a friendly voice they can come to know and trust.

I can work with you on specific ideas, or take over your entire writing campaign.

Go deeper

If the service you offer is difficult to explain or carries a higher price tag, your customers may need to know more.

What is it like to work with you? how do you solve your problems? How do you work to a customers brief or fulfill their specific needs?

Editorial style articles are perfect for telling those kinds of stories, as advertorials in the press, or on your own website as a case study.

Let me write about you, or work with you to help you find your unique voice.

Vik helped me to define what I was trying to say, gave me every confidence in my own ideas, then produced an excellent piece of writing with the opportunity to discuss changes and the overall ‘voice’ in a comfortable way. She is so easy to describe the work to. Very pleased.

Juliet Webb, Producer – Marie Celestial